Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials


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Dr. Shantia Kazemi Esfeh, DDS

I had gum graft surgery with Dr. Esfeh. When it comes to this type of surgery, you need not only a periodontist but one who is extremely skilled with the details of the surgery; a periodontist “artist” if I can use the term. I have has one other gum graft from a previous doctor which was covered under my dental plan. While somewhat less expensive the r results of the first surgery, which took about 40 minutes, did thicken the gum tissue but covered none of the gum recession, leaving the roots still vulnerable to hot/cold sensitivity and aesthetically less pleasing. Dr. Esfeh, working with two assistants took over two hours to carefully and with extreme precision cover all exposed recession. The results truly exceeded expectations and I am not a person easily impressed. Additional Comments: 1) Initial meeting was where the entire procedure was explained in great detail and written down so you would remember it when you get home. 2) Scheduling is not immediate, ~ 5 months
Excellent From start to finish, Dr. Kazemi and her staff were wonderful to work with, made everything clear, and the procedure was as smooth as possible. They followed up afterwards with genuine care and are a fantastic team that I highly recommend.
Excellent doctor I had my gum drafting done by Dr. Kazemi and it went very well. She showed me the difference before and after surgery and I could appreciate her work after seeing this.
Excellent! I needed to do something about my receding gums. Dr. Kazemi did a wonderful job- the graft healed beautifully and I now can smile again!
Great technique I had gum grafting done by Dr. Kazemi. I’ve had it done several times before and this was by far the best experience. Very little bleeding, swelling, or pain at all. She is a skilled surgeon. She uses a minimally invasive technique with better results I believe. She was out of network for me and significantly pricier than competitors but while friends who had gum grafting done by other periodontists in the area had a 4-6 week recovery with limitations on food and drink mine lasted a week at most.
I had a great experience, and was particularly impressed that Dr. Kazemi followed up via text message several times after the procedure to ensure everything was going well. Highly recommend.
Gum Graft I am totally satisfied with Dr. Kazemi’s gum graft procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Kazemi! John C
Totally recommend The doctor was fast, professional and explained everything before and during the procedure. She also checked in with me via text several times after the procedure. I would totally recommend her to family and friends.
Excellent outcome for gum treatment I had gum-graft surgery done by Dr Kazemi. She was very professional and highly competent, and provided good follow-up via text, including before and after pictures. Her work was very high quality: both the origin and destination graft sites healed up well. Unfortunately, the pre-op communication from the MenloSmiles office was rushed and poorly managed, and their office also mis-billed me, making the work seem even more expensive! (An outlier: their dental care itself is wonderful.) We also had a bit of trouble with scheduling, but eventually managed to work things out. But the bottom line is that the gum surgery outcome was very good, and Dr Kazemi herself was great.
Highest Recommendations I had a recent gum graft on one of my veneers, and the other on my molar (all on left), due to gum recession and sensitivity. Dr Kazemi explained my options, including risks, benefits and long-term outcomes, prior to the procedure and was receptive to my support person being part of the conversation. I had also heard Dr. Kazemi was detailed oriented and “amazing”, but when I saw the results of my gum graft, I was astounded by my results. Given the relatively small area of recession on my frontal teeth, I was astounded by how PERFECT my gums matched my right side. I also felt better at the site of my gum graft within 2-3 days; I definitely felt the extra protection of my teeth within days. 100% highly recommend Dr. Kazemi for her patient-centered, thorough, detail-oriented, and excellent results.
Top Periodontist Dr. Kazemi sets the bar very high in her field of expertise with her genuine care and professionalism towards all her patients. During and throughout my surgery, she unfailing made sure I was okay. Post surgery, her follow-ups or check-ins through text messages showed authentic care. I will 1000% highly recommend Dr. Kazemi to all my family, friends, colleagues, and everyone who is looking for the perfect Periodontist/Dentist. Thank you, Dr. Kazemi for doing such a phenomenal job taking care of me. I am very grateful for you.
Gun graft procedure I had two gum grafts done. I didn’t know what to expect but I had no pain and a quick recovery.
Exceeded Expectations I was quite apprehensive about my gum surgery. However, thanks to Dr. Kazemi’s skill, knowledge, and post op follow up, the procedure went very well and resulted in a very good outcome. I found her to be very professional and caring, sensitive to my anxieties and concerns. I really appreciated her frequent post op follow ups via text.
An Excellent Experience! I needed oral surgery on both sides of my mouth in order to rebuild my gums using tissue from the roof of my mouth. Dr. Kazemi performed the surgery. Before the procedure, she explained my surgery options, told me the expectations for both the surgery and recovery, and answered all of my questions thoughtfully. During the surgery, she checked in with me often, was responsive to my needs, and did a great job of explaining each step to her team (and to me). She gave clear instructions both in verbal and written form for my recovery care and checked in on me several times during my recovery. I have to have a future surgery of the same kind in a few months, and I’m so pleased that Dr. Kazemi will be my surgeon!
non-autogenous connective tissue graft procedure Dr. K did both my lower and upper graft procedure and it turned out great. She is extremely professional and I love the way she treats and talks with her assistants, says please and thank you and creates a calming atmosphere. She did fantastic work and also took plenty of pictures to show the before and after. I would highly recommend her.
CTG aimed for root coverage I have always heard wonderful things about Dr.K so I decided to see semi for myself and recommend my dad to see Dr.K. The results were amazing! I could not have asked for better. Dr. K took the time to walk us through the procedure and answer any and all questions we had. She also checked on my father after which was very sweet of her. We are very grateful that we decided to go through with the surgery to cover my dad’s exposed roots and love the results! Thank you Dr. K!!
So knowledgeable and kind Dr. Kazemi is so wonderful. She was so helpful during the consultation for my gum graft surgery and when it came around to the actual surgery, I felt very comfortable. Seeing the before and after photos was quite amazing because you can see her results. Highly recommend anyone to see her for any dental needs.
Happy patient Dr. Kazemi is attentive and professional. I had my wisdom teeth removed, and it was the fastest and most painless experience I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend her.
Heaven sent! I decided to get an implant after I was told my tooth needed to be extracted. Dr.Kazemi worked with my dentist and made my experience very nice as she was very attentive and knew exactly what she was doing. I didn’t feel anything besides the initial numbing prior to the procedure and she made sure that I was okay throughout the whole surgery. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thank you so much
Happy patient Dr. Kazemi explained the issue with gums, the need for surgery, what could be achieved, and also, IMPORTANTLY, what could NOT be achieved. This helped me, as I was familiar only with dental cleaning, and not dental surgery. She also provided material via web, email, and text. She was very straightforward and tried her best to answer my questions, and was very honest. She was very willing to follow up outside business hours (since she was very busy) and answer my additional questions. She explained some of the after-care features as well. As I understand it, the surgery went very well. I understand that she is a highly qualified expert. I should add that I have been going to Dr. Zahra Hakim’s office for decades, and the fact that she chose Dr. Kazemi as a partner provides additional corroboration. She is firm and direct but most helpful. This enables a patient to develop trust in her. I recommend her highly.
Very gentle and empathic Had significant dental surgery with Dr Kazemi and was very impressed. She is efficient and gentle and supported me through the painful and stressful process
A professional you want to work with My dentist office referred me to Dr. Shantia KazemiEsfeh for a gum graft. Dr. KazemiEsfeh demonstated professionalism from the initial consultation, through the procedure, post procedure follow-up and my final check-up. She really focused on what was necessary for my dental / gum health, and explained all of the procedures pros and cons. I didn’t have any post procedure complications and attribute much of that to her skill. I enjoyed working with her and while I’m not itching to get another gum graft any time soon, this was a positive experience.
Fantastic experience I had a tooth removed and had an implant placed simultaneously dr k was able to explain the whole process to me, answer all my questions and took care of me in a caring professional environment. After procedure I had no discomfort and was ready to go to work day after. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends looking for professional care and zero pain implant surgery.
Well Done! I felt the the Dr. was careful, precise and personable. I appreciated Dr. KazemiEsfeh checking in on how my healing was going after the surgery.
Great care! Dr. Shantia Kazemi Esfeh performed gum graft procedure for me. She was very professional with her thorough explanations about the procedure and recovery. She offered options and was quick to respond to questions I had after my initial visit. My procedure was successful and I would highly recommend her.
Good professional care Excellent and caring professional experience. I had a gum graft and am a complete baby with dental treatment. Dr Kazemiesfeh was very gentle and took good care of me.
Correction of withdrawn gum tissue by transferring tissue from palate. Excellent explanation of the procedure, all went as planned, and very successful.
Dr. Kazemi is professional and cares for her patients dearly. She made sure all my questions/concerns were addressed before my gum procedure. During the procedure, she made sure that I’m comfortable throughout process. She also checked up on me after my procedure on my recovery progress. My procedure was done beautifully and recovery was also smooth.
I saw Dr. Kazemi due to a receding gum issue. She took the time to explain what my problem was and why it would be beneficial to perform surgery. The surgery was relatively smooth, quick, and it healed within a couple of weeks. She also checked up on me via phone after the procedure to make sure I was feeling OK and to ask if I had any concerns. I had a couple of follow-up appointments where she showed me the before and after pictures of the procedure for comparison. Overall, Dr. Kazemi is very professional, patient and friendly and I would recommend her to family and friends.
Fantastic service Dr Kazemi is a fantastic doctor and she is very knowledgeable and skilled in what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some dental work. On top of that, she stays connected to her clients and routinely checks on them and their progress.

Stason K Shishido, DDS

The best Dentist ever! Dr. Shishido is gentle and has a very calm demeaner. My daughter broke her two front teeth and he met her at his office and took care of her. She ultimately needed root canals and crowns. Dr. Shishido and staff was there for her every step of the way.
This is probably one of the best dental offices I have ever been to. The entire staff, Lissa, the hygienists, and Dr. Shishido made me feel taken care of and safe. I came here for a second opinion after an awful experience at AZ dental where they told me I had eight cavities, cracked filling, and cracked tooth. I came to Dr. Shishido after a friend recommendation after she experienced a similar situation. Dr. Shishido immediately, after reading my x-rays and doing a physical examination of my mouth, shared that I had ABSOLUTELY ZERO cavities, cracked fillings, and broken teeth. He said my teeth and gums look fantastic. I felt so relieved and taken care of. Dr. Shishido has a client for life after this ordeal and I would recommend his office to anyone needing dental care or routine cleanings. Words can’t describe my appreciation for this office, Dr. Shishido, and the staff. Big shoutout to Lissa for soothing my worries from the minute I called asking for a second opinion right until the very end. See you all in 6 months for my next cleaning!
Dr. Shishido is hands down the best Dentist I’ve ever been to. After 25 some odd years of struggling with dentists who were average or seemed to always push the pricier elective procedures Dr. Shishido has definitely earned a life long dental patient in me! He does a great job, makes you feel comfortable, has a very light and steady hand, and explains everything clearly and lays out all of your options so you can make an informed decision. His staff is caring, attentive, and friendly. Will never go to another Dentist while he is still practicing!
Great family practice. Our family moved out of the area but we miss both Dr. Shishido and Dr Charmee Patel . Highly recommend for the entire family.
We LOVE dr shishidos office. My 8 year looks forward to going to the dentist! Dr Charmee Patel and Erica have been so kind and patient with him. They are super sweet! Carolina and Leslie are absolutely amazing so personable and friendly! The whole office is like family to us, the atmosphere is fun and welcoming. We love coming here and will never go to another dentist!
Highly recommend Dr. Shishido. All my family goes to see him and we all love him!! He’s super friendly, efficient, trustworthy, and makes going to see the dentist enjoyable because of his personality. He is great about having his staff check how much insurance will cover and tells you exactly what you want to know. Have always found his rates to be really fair. We know of other dentists that overcharge, or encourage you to buy stuff you don’t need. He really goes the extra mile to do an excellent job and make you feel comfortable.
I honestly can’t recommend this office and Dr. Shishido enough. What they have done for my wife with her phobia of dentists and her teeth issues is nothing short of miraculous. Not to mention they have treated me incredibly well too. Best dentist and office I could ever hope for. Wonderful people and service all around.
I have been a patient of Dr. Shishido for over 21 years. I was referred by a friend who told me there was no one better and he was only a mile from my home. I figured I would pacify her and go to one appointment then return to my original dentist as I’m really particular about my teeth. 21 years later, I’m still with Dr. Shishido even though I now live 40 miles away; he’s that good! He’s kind, gentle, funny and interesting and so are his team of professionals! I would recommend him and his staff to anyone!
I had been going to Dr. Shishido for well over 13 years. Dr. Shishido is the most professional dentist possible! He is patient, thorough and honest. Like other reviewers have commented, he will give you both sides of the situation and doesn’t pressure you to do unnecessary work. The staff is friendly, always remembers me and a pleasant to be around. Usually, going into any medical appointment, you have to wait a bit for your appointment. But not here! You walk in, and you are called immediately! The hygienists (I’m sorry I am spacing on the names now) are gentle, extremely personable, and experienced. I highly recommend Dr. Shishido.
I forgot to add that Carolina, Dr Shishido’s assistant has been so sweet & kind during my recent visits. She always has a smile on her face & she always makes sure I’m not chapped or drooling.
I went to Dr. Shishido’s office last week after some light research online and yelp. I was a little apprehensive because the office didn’t have a website and the reviews seemed a little older. But honestly, my experience with the office has been so lovely. The staff as well as Dr. Shishido are so personable and create a relaxing environment! I hadn’t been to the dentist for maybe 4 years (I know totally horrible) and my anxiety about going was only building! Dr. Shishido was not critical and never pushed non-essential treatment on me. One thing I really dislike of other dentists is that sometimes it feels like they are being salesmen rather than health providers. Dr. Shishido outlined the pros and cons of his suggestions and told me what was necessary and what would be beneficial in the long run. My nerves/fears about going to the dentist were quickly diminished because he is very easy to talk to. Also you can tell that he is a person of integrity in the way he does business and interacts with his patients. He’s also a fellow Bruin, which a plus! 🙂 Yesterday, I had my teeth cleaned and thankfully I didn’t have any cavities after years of not seeing a dentist. The dental hygienist, Jenna, was amazing. She did a great job cleaning my teeth and was very patient with the scraping portion since it had been so many years since my last cleaning, there had been calcification. All in all, great experience. I have found my dentist for as long as I am in the area. If you want a dental office that is HONEST, OLD-SCHOOL (in the best way), POSITIVE, FRIENDLY & EXPERIENCED go here!
Bay far the best dentist there is, hands down. I had a couple dentists in my youth, and they were okay…After turning 18, I had to find a new dentist and been going to Dr. Shishido ever since. I moved a couple times for a year or so and had seen another dentist and ended up with a horrible experience. Dr. Shishido is a great dentists and always happy to see you. His assistant is very sweet and helpful, as well as his reception staff. If I didn’t have insurance and had to pay everything out of pocket, I would not care…I would still go to him regardless. Worth every penny. Don’t waste your time with other dentists. He’s by far the best and I would recommend him to anyone! (Been going to him for 15 years)
When I give this guy 5 stars I wish I could give him 10. You’ll never meet a friendlier, more knowledgeable, capable dentist. His staff of dental hygenists will listen to your concerns, assuage your fears and get your teeth back in shiny white polished condition. I’ve visited most of the hygenists over the course of my 10 years with this dentist and can say that I really don’t prefer one over the rest. They are all very sweet and gentle. And, if you don’t really have problems with your teeth this is the most important aspect of a visit to the dentist. Dr. Shishido comes in at the end to check the teeth’s position, bite and spaces for cavities and he always makes me feel like he’s been thorough and addressed all the issues. Add this to the fact that he manages to remember my job (student) the fact that I am graduating this year (yay!) and personal details of my life, given that he only sees me twice a year, I always leave feeling like I’ve seen an old friend who happens to be a great dentist. I would recommend Dr. Shishido equally for routine checkups and dental problems requiring invasive procedures. He is just an all-around great dentist, proficient in every aspect.
I would be shocked if Dr Shishido and anyone on his staff gets anything but a 5 star. Dr Shishido is an amazing human being and his staff is very professional and courteous.
Dr Shishido is a very friendly and professional dentist. He listens to you carefully, offers his opinion but never pushes it and patiently answers your questions. It also helps that he and his staff are always smiling and in a good mood. I went to Dr Shishido when I had a bad ache from a neglected tooth. Another dentist had recommended replacing the tooth with an implant. When I suggested to the other dentist that I would take a second opinion to see if preserving the original tooth was an option, he got quite defensive about the challenge to his opinion. Dr Shishido, on the other hand, was very patient, explained the tradeoffs in detail and actually suggested keeping the original tooth and re-evaluating down the line if any further problems came up. His root canal fixed the ache and my tooth has been fine for 3 years now. Dr Shishido’s office may not seem as shining new or have a full fledged website but I think the positives outweigh these perceived drawbacks. I would recommend Dr Shishido to others wholeheartedly.
Dr. Shishido is the BEST! Dentists don’t get any better then him. My entire family has been going to him for well over 10 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is very caring, gental and genuinely cares about his patients. He takes the time to get to know each and every one. I just had a baby boy and I look forward to my son see Dr. Shishido as well. If you are in need of a great dentist look no further!
awesome service my 3 of a kind & me being coming here for 15 years all the time we gotten the best service love the lady’s work here!
I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shashido and the rest of the office! My family and I have been going here for over 6 years and can’t imagine ever leaving. The entire staff is friendly and fun. Dr. Shashido is amazing at what he does and is extremely funny!! I feel so comfortable every time I come and don’t want to leave 🙂 I have recommended them to my friends/family and will continue to do so!
I can’t tell you how amazing Stason is. He is my angel. A wonderful place where you feel welcome from the first time you walk in the door. Everyone is really nice. Great place.
Been going to Dr. Shishido for about 5 years. Started when I lived and worked in Santa Clara. Now I live and work pretty far away from SC, but he’s still my dentist…for a reason. The guy knows his stuff and explains it to you clearly. He’s friendly and very easy going. Probably the Hawaiian in him.
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